The Practical Training Hub

Confucius (a famous philosopher) once said:

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

When it comes to training, the sentiment behind this quote is exactly what drives us! We strive to provide active, practical and engaging training to help create the best trained and most confident individuals possible .

What is The Practical Training Hub?

The Practical Training Hub was created to provide and facilitate engaging, practical and where possible, ‘life like’ training.  Presentations have their place and are great for some aspects of training, however, we also use discussion, group work, a variety of games and exercises as well as plenty of practical’s to make the sessions varied and therefore, more engaging and memorable!

E-learning has its place, however, we truly believe that engaging face to face training using realistic scenarios and quality equipment, is the best way for not only participants to learn, but also for them to feel confident.

Use quality kit

We have and continue to invest heavily in the equipment which we have available so that attendees on our courses not only learn what they need to know, but have an excellent experience along the way!

We use a variety of training venues and sites depending on the training being delivered along with a variety of equipment; all to provide the most realistic, engaging and practical training available!

Whether you are attending a familiarisation level course or brushing up on advanced skills, we provide an excellent learning environment so you can get the most from your training. 


Meet the team

We always try to be as open and transparent as possible, so, want those who we deal with to not only know our name, but also what we look like and a little about us so you know exactly who you are dealing with and the experiences we bring.

Meet TJ

TJ has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the outdoor pursuits sector and the outdoors in general through working for the largest outdoor educational provider in Europe as the Chief Instructor for their flag ship centre, working for the British Canoe Union as a Local Coaching Organiser as well as the Institute of Outdoor Learning as an internal verifier; helping to develop outdoor practitioners. In addition to his outdoor experience, TJ has held several senior management roles both within the outdoor industry as well as in his spare time where he volunteers for the Marine Society and Sea Cadets where he leads the South West Area paddlesports management team; responsible for helping roughly 4000 volunteers and cadets become active within paddle sports.

TJ also attended Worcester University where he completed an FdSC in Paramedic Science and as part of this course,  undertook regular shifts with West Midlands Ambulance Service before qualifying as a Paramedic. Since qualifying, TJ has worked for a number of years for the South Western Ambulance Service as well as being an active first aid trainer; passing on his knowledge and experience in a pragmatic and practical way.

Meet Laura

Laura has been involved in the outdoors and especially paddlesports since she was 10 as a flat water kayaker; starting off as a kayak racer as a way of keeping fit and making new friends but then competing in sprint K1, K2 and K4 as well as marathon K1 and K2 at a national level and achieved many medals and trophies including becoming a national champion in her class in K1 500m.

Laura worked for many years as an instructor, head of stores and assistant chief instructor for the largest outdoor educational provider in Europe where she taught a wide range of activities to children from 8-18 as well as the instructional team. Laura loves working with young people and so also volunteers her time with the Marine Society and Sea Cadets where she provides activities to children aged 10-18 based on a nautical theme. Laura is currently the training officer for one of the largest Sea Cadet units in the South West and second in charge of a the Junior Section of the Sea Cadets at her local unit who have won best section in the UK two years running! 

Meet Ben

Ben spent seven years in the police where he started as a PCSO before becoming sworn in as a Police constable; during this time, he dealt with a wide range of incidents as well as a variety of urban and rural crime before being seconded to the Criminal Investigation Department. After completing his Professionalising Investigation Programme Level 2 (PIP2), he qualified as a Detective, where he dealt with a wide range of volume and serious crime including working on a murder inquiry which led to him receiving a Chief Constables commendation.

In Ben’s spare time, he is a volunteer with the Marine Society and Sea Cadets where he is a Sergeant and Detachment Commander with the Royal Marine Cadets. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring both the cadet experience and welfare for up to eighteen young people aged 13-18 which he achieves through the managing of a small dedicated team of adult volunteers. In addition to this, Ben has volunteered as the training officer for one of the largest Sea Cadet units in the South West, responsible for designing comprehensive training programs to allow for the active and engaging teaching of young people as well as teaching a variety of subjects himself.

Ben is a keen outdoor enthusiast with experience or qualifications in a range of disciplines including archery, kayaking, canoeing, climbing and shooting. As an instructor for the Royal Marines Cadets, he is also trained to teach a variety of subjects including first aid, basic principles of marksmanship, weapons handling, servicing & maintaining weapons as well as basic tactics including camouflage & concealment, hand signals, moving with and without weapons and room clearance.

Not just a training Provider!

Rapid Shot

Rapid Shot is an interactive shooting experience using high quality airsoft guns and an interactive target system. This creates a fun and exciting shooting experience which can be enjoyed by all both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for a range of events. 



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