Cap Guns

These certainly are NOT the type of cap gun’s you would have used when you were young. These cap guns are highly detailed, full sized working replicas which load, cycle and eject a `spent` round just like a real firearm.

They cannot however chamber or fire live ammunition or be converted to fire/chamber live ammunition.

Most of the guns, function and operate EXACTLY like the real thing (except they do not fire a forward projectile) which makes them safe to use and own and are like the type of replicas seen in movies where it looks like real bullets are being fired, with shells ejecting flying through the air, barrel smoke and everything you get from a real gun, except, no projectile is fired.

This form of training equipment does not use blanks and cannot chamber or fire either blank or live ammunition.

The equipment

These replicas use a brass and reusable cartridge which is loaded with a special cap which produces the action including the bang and smoke whilst also ejecting the shell(s), this gives a realistic full cycle effect from chambering to firing.

Because of the design of the cartridge which is used, these cap guns are not as loud as blank firers but operate, fire (semi & full auto) and often strip-down exactly like the real thing; this makes them a perfect addition for a variety of realistic training.  Each gun has a different cycle of fire which is similar to its ‘real steel’ equivalent because their internals are also built similar to the real gun.  These guns do not use a standard size cartridge (like 9mm blank firers) but instead, use different calibre cartridges depending on the gun in question.

Get in touch and see how we can help

Dependant on the exact requirements of the training and considering the need for realism, the location being used and budget, the equipment used can be varied to meet exacting requirements. We are able to utilise a variety of pyrotechnic, non-pyrotechnic and blank fire munitions to accommodate these requirements as well as to comply with different organisations safety requirements. All of the equipment that we use is tested by the manufacturers to comply with various safety regulations for use within the United Kingdom and is operated by trained and insured individuals. With the range of realistic and immersive equipment that we are able to provide, we believe we offer excellent opportunities to increase the realism of a variety of training.

If you train with firearms or offer experiences where realistic and firing weapons and/or pyrotechnics could help improve the realism and quality of training, please message or call to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to assist.


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