Force on Force Training

Research from the Force Science Institute has confirmed something that many organisations have known for many years, force-on-force training is significantly superior to traditional firearms practice on targets in at least three important ways:

*Scenarios that enable ‘suspects’ to shoot at the individuals undergoing training generally stimulate a stronger physiological stress reaction in those individuals.

*Induced stress from such training can show to what degree an individual’s shooting accuracy is likely to suffer in an actual engagement.

*The prospect of ‘return fire’, more strongly motivates individuals to take training seriously and to adopt protective tactics on their own volition.

Current training options

Historically, training providers wishing to train professional individuals in the use of firearms, had two main options open to them which was dependant on whether or not they had access to live fire weapons, these options included Simunition and travelling abroad.

Simunition training provides an extremely realistic option, however, it also has significant draw backs. As the system relies upon converted firearms, not only do you need to purchase the conversation kits and fit these to firearms, however, you also need to purchase the firearms or have spare firearms for conversion in the first place; these can not only be expensive, however, if you are a civilian organisation, it can be legally impossible in the UK. Simunition rounds are also comparatively expensive and have a relatively short shelf life when compared to other modern options.

An alternative and routinely used option was therefore to take training abroad to countries where firearms can be routinely used for training, however, this clearly brings with it a significant increase in expenses for travelling and accommodation, however, also lost time due to travelling and potentially acclimatisation to a different time zone and/or environment.

Training options have evloved

With the increase in the amount of firearms training being conducted world wide and the need for a variety of solutions, various manufacturers of Airsoft and Paintball equipment have created high end training weapons to provide a greater range or training options.

Recognising the military, law enforcement and private armed security requirement for high end training, manufacturers of both Airsoft and Paintball equipment have created advanced training weapons which use electric motors, compressed air or gas/co2 to fire either solid or frangible projectiles and therefore providing a credible training option to many people who may have had limited options previously, or, those who wish to make savings without sacrificing training time.

We have access to a range of equipment to enable force on force training at a level suitable for  your organisation and further details regarding individual training systems can be found within the Specialist training > Firearms section of this website.

Get in touch and see how we can help

Dependant on the exact requirements of the training and considering the need for realism, the location being used and budget, the equipment used can be varied to meet exacting requirements. We are able to utilise a variety of pyrotechnic, non-pyrotechnic and blank fire munitions to accommodate these requirements as well as to comply with different organisations safety requirements. All of the equipment that we use is tested by the manufacturers to comply with various safety regulations for use within the United Kingdom and is operated by trained and insured individuals. With the range of realistic and immersive equipment that we are able to provide, we believe we offer excellent opportunities to increase the realism of a variety of training.

If you train with firearms or offer experiences where realistic and firing weapons and/or pyrotechnics could help improve the realism and quality of training, please message or call to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to assist.


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